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500px is rapidly growing and to get exposure is getting harder and harder.

In this article I will speak about few things.

  1. 4 tips – How to build better profile and get follower
  2. Can you Get Famous over night
  3. How many followers the big guys are doing for a day
  4. Fake profiles 

Before I tell you how to build better profile let’s see how 500px works. When you upload a photo it goes directly on the FRESH PAGE. The popularity of a photo is measured by PULSE; when someone likes the photo the pulse grows . The PULSE can be max 100.  

When your photo collects around 10 likes it starts appearing on the UPCOMING page; when you get around 15 likes (pulse of 80) your picture is going on the POPULAR PAGE. That doesn’t mean that the photo will be on first page. To get on top you will need a PULSE between 99.5 – 99.9.

How many likes do you need to get on first place:

  1. around 700 likes are 99.6 pulse
  2. around 1000likes are 99.7 pulse
  3. around 1400 likes are  99.8 pulse
  4. around 2000 likes are 99.9 pulse

The PULSE is active only for 24h and after that your photo is falling down. It will stay on your profile page but it will not be visible on POPULAR, UPCOMING and FRESH pages.

Remember that the PULSE  is measure of popularity not quality !

Lets see my 4 tips for better profile:

1. Upload quality photos

Every day thousands of photos are uploaded. If you want somebody to notice you, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have less than 2 mins on FRESH page. What that means in reality is that your photo will make 20-40 Likes for first 30 min and after that for next 5h it will do 5 more likes. To prove that I created fake profile and upload 10 of most famous photos of my favourite photographs on 500px. 


Georgy<br />


Sean<br />

Nikolay Tikhomirov

Nikolay Tikhomirov


Maxim<br />


Miki<br />

I repeated the experiment 3 times. The support crew was very fast detecting the fake profiles. It took them around 6h. The first 2 times all the photos got max of 50-60 likes. The 3d time the photo of Georgy Chernyadyev break through and it got 600 likes and for around 12h before the profile was block it got 40 followers.

2. Choose a Category

There is nothing more confusing for the user  than a profile which has food, selfies, landscapes and portraits at the same time. Choose a category and stick to it until you become famous 🙂

3. Upload Every day

If you upload every day a image you are increasing the chance somebody to see your profile and subscribe. Why not upload everything at once ? If you upload all your photos at the same time they will circle around for 24h and after that will disappear from the popular page. Many of the famous photographers are uploading image mostly every day. Good example is Level Photo (https://500px.com/getesmart86) for the last 2 moths I notice that he uploads very often and that brought him around 2k followers

4. Write good Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Include Exif Data

Users consume content extremely fast. If you want to catch the attention of the user give him more information about the photo, tell the story behind your picture

Few interesting facts

1. How many followers the big guys are doing for a day


Sean<br />
  1. 112,061 followers – 04.10.2016
  2. 112,446 followers – 06.10.2016
  3. 112,593followers – 07.10.2016

Around 130 followers per day


Georgy<br />
  1. 74,325 followers – 04.10.2016
  2. 74,646 followers – 06.10.2016
  3. 74,822 followers – 07.10.2016

Around 125 followers per day

2. Fake accounts

there are many fake accounts which are going undetected. The worst one are the guys who are putting pictures of others in between theirs. How to recognise such account if you have doubts, check the exif data of the photos; If one is taken with Nikon other with Cannon 3d with Sony and the styles of the photos don’t look similar, their is high chance that are stolen. Here is an example

First I noticed one of the photo that it is very famous but I wasn’t sure. After that I start looking more carefully what is uploaded. Here is what I noticed

  1. All the titles where the same “Untitled”
  2. There was no EXIF data
  3. Too many different styles and categories
  4. One of the photo had a water mark (signature) of another photographer

3. Editors choice page

sometimes editors are picking some very interesting images. What to say different people different taste

4. Famous over night ?

Some people are lucky some are really good. I am neither of them. So I am trying to be consistent. The truth is if you are reading that article most probably you are like me 😀

What to do If everything from the above doesn’t work for you?

Don’t worry 🙂 there is another way which I found out observing some other accounts and it works. But I am gonna tell you about in the next article so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and follow me in 500px.

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