How to shoot like Sean Archer – Tutorial

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I prepared a special Background pack with which for seconds you transform your  images to look like his.

In this video will show you how to shoot like Sean Archer.
He is one of the famous 500px photographers.

To achieve pictures with the same result there are 3 main components

1. Light
2. Subject
3. Editing

First Light and Camera settings – we gonna use Window light. Everyone has it and can use it. Lets see my working field.

My windows are very small and the light is falling diagonal and the subject face is becoming much darker than the light of the body. To compensate for that I am using reflector on the other site of the subject

Unfortunately every time when you shoot with natural light you have to use different settings because it is very changeable. For this photoshoot I used ISO 800 – 1600 ShutterSpeed 200 Aperture 2.2 – 2.8

Second Subject – if you want the pictures to turn great I can recommend you to find model who has experience. Otherwise you have to be very good in posing your model

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