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What is model releas –

In very simple words Model release is a written permission which grants you the rights to publish, sell or do whatever you want with the photos.

Here is a link for the one I use:

Do you need one ?

Don’t think that when you shoot smb you have also the right to publish photos of that person. As a a photographer you have the intellectual property over the photos but you don’t have the right to publish them even for self advertising.

In the beginning I was shooting without model release mainly  because I was shooting friends and I was feeling uncomfortable to ask them to sign until one day one of the girls insisted to take off picture of hers because she didn’t like it. In this case you don’t have choice.

After that case I decide I will shoot with model release

Commercial or non Comercial

I use commercial one for my TFP shoots maybe accidentally will shoot a masterpiece.

Can you have legal problem if you should without a release

Yes you can have. 99% of the people are nice and most probably you will not have problems but I have a fellow photographer who went in court. He was shooting a TFP session without model release and publish photos on his site. In few months the girl put him in court and won the case. He had to pay her money

So better always stay on the save side use model release like that you can do whatever you want  with the photos.

How to find model release

There are plenty of them out there you can find on any photography stock site a template. Unfortunately I find them too complicated some of them are several pages. Most of the time I am shooting only for my portfolio and I decided to go with something more simple. For sure more simple version is not bullet proof but still I think it gives you some better protection than having none.

This were all my points for working with model release. Please always check your country laws and the consult with layer.

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