My first Studio Shoot

 In Befere & After

This is one of my favourite images. It is also the first time I rented and shoot in studio by myself. Unfortunately as everything you do for first time in life it went wrong; everything went wrong.

  • – It was the only day when the temperatures fall down dramatically and the temperature inside was 10 C
  • – I fu*** up half of the light setups
  • – The electrical installation was poorly build and the protectors were turning on every 5 min… So the heating & the flashes  were dying
  • – The MUA I hired did horrible job (again I hire MUA for first time)
  • – Plus some minor camera issues

Due to the low temperature model got goosebumps and bluish skin so the before images are quite bad. Because I f* up the lights + plus the poor makeup I added to the models face +10 years .

Thats why it is very hard for me to share the before images but hopefully will be helpful and sb will learn from my mistakes. Very good exercise for photoshop 😛

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