My Lighting Equipment – perfect for beginner photographers, full lighting kit for 320€

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In this article I will show you my lighting equipment. It took me 1 year to collect the items. In my opinion it is one of the cheapest options on the market and the most flexible. You can use it inside or outside. Of course it has limitation but for that price I cannot complain.

Here are few examples of the picture you can get:

As you can see from the pictures no body can tell that there are taken with cheap Chinese speedlights. Now lets see the full list of my equipment.

1. 3 x Speedlights – Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN560-III

price: 56,99 € //

They have build in Wireless Trigger and can receive the signals sent by RF-603 or RF-602. What that means is you don’t have to buy many wireless triggers; You buy only one trigger put it on the same signal and the flashes are firing. This is amazing

Minuses: There is no High Speed Sinc and is fully manual flash (which is also a plus because you will learn to control it)


2. Speedlights remote control

There  are 2 options


Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Trigger

price:  26 € //

The down side of this one is that every time you want to change the settings on some of the flashes you have to do it manually. It is more annoying and time consuming.

But you can use it as a remote shutter + flash trigger


Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Flash Controller

price: 36,99 € //

You can control remotely your flashes power / zoom / mode. This is my recommendation.

3. Light Stands, Umbrellas & 5in1 reflector

I bought each of this items separately but I saw that now on the market there is whole set. Better get the set in this way  you will save some bucks.

Price: 53€ //


The only thing I would recommend  you to buy in future are better stands. The stands coming in the set are not the best better buy some for 30 €

If you want to shoot out be careful with the umbrellas. They pick up even the small wind and very often fall on the ground with the flash. I already broke 2 flashes that way


4. Holder for 3 flashes

price: ~ 10€

Why would you need that? When you are shooting on 1/4 power the flash take some time to recharge. Very often instead of shooting with one flash for main light I put 2 and in that way instead of shooting on 1/4 – will shoot on 1/8 power and the flash will recharge twice faster. You will catch more poses when the model is changing  and the shoot is going faster. To get a feeling check the video


5. Rechargeable batteries + Charger

Price: Varies from the brand but around 40€ for everything shoot be OK //

Those flashes are eating the batteries. I strongly recommend you to buy some rechargeable batteries. Get minimum 2000 mAh

Amazon Basics is very good price for value. I use them already for more than a year and I am happy with their performance.

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