Photoshop Actions Pack

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This action pack is designed to speed up your portrait retouching.

It includes the following actions:

  1. 6 Tone Pressets
  2. Check Layers Action
  3. Frequency Separation Action
  4. Halo Effect Action
  5. Dodge and Burn Action

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Dodge and Burn:  by lightening and darkening the shadows and the highlights you change the form and the appearance of the subject

Check Layers:  they help you see all imperfections of the skin better

Frequency Separationthis is technique which separate the texture of the skin on one layer and the color on another. This allows you to improve the skin without losing quality

Halo Effectthis action will create strong vignette, will bring contrast and depth to your images. Mainly I use it for portraits on which I put textured background.

Toning: my pack comes bundled with 6 toning presets 3 warm and 3 cold. As bonus you get a PSD file where with one click you can see how your image will look with the toings.